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shine - beauty comes from within
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$20 shine mani ...the best manicure ever! maintenance is a must with custom blended scrubs, polished to perfection
$40 gel polish mani ...lasts up to 14 days
$55 rockstar mani ...custom gel application
$50 overlay ...short and natural- looking at best
$40 refill ... upkeep is important, all repairs are included
shine feet.
$35 shine pedi rush jobs here! after we soak your toes in soothing bath crystals, we do impeccable cuticle care and polish to perfection, so sit back and relax
 $45 paraffin pedi ...same as the shine pedi with feet wrapped in moisturizing wax to restore softness
$55gel polish pedi...same as the shine pedi but polished to perfection with gel polish for long lasting wear and shine 
$65 rockstar pedi ...custom glitter gel application, stunning and vibrant
$28 shine express pedi ...soak, file, shape polish
shine lashes.
$30 cluster...several hairs per cluster applied to look natural or full
shine waxing.
$15 eyebrows
$25 eyebrows with tint
$15+ chin
$10 lip

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